Dear Friend, we live in a time of very interesting and turbulent transformations, of fast cars, technologies, communicators and constant change. That is why for several years we have been positively impacting the subsequent generations by providing them with a very good education, supported by the values ​​that are most important in life. Our graduates have a stable foundation for further development and impact in their communities. We would like more of them. This is our mission, which could be pursued effectively within our own building. To be able to purchase it, we will need funds. Our "capital" is the knowledge and experience we would like to share. We would like to invite you to read our website, where all the current information related to this project is available. Let's join our "strengths" for the future generations.

Our vision

Our history


Establishment of the Great Poland Educational Association - an organization that runs the Christian schools of King David Poznan


The beginning of the kindergarten of Dawid and Christian Primary School King David


Beginning of Home Education at the Christian Primary School of King David


missionary and educational activity in Uganda


The Royal Rangers strain begins its activity at the school


Release of the music CD "Children of the King"


In 2011 we started King David's Christian Junior High School


We have released music album “A Tale of Three Trees”


In 2012 we moved to the building at No.1 Cegielskiego Street in the centre of Poznan


Implementation of the international program of shaping leaders


We organized a NATIONAL CONFERENCE for over 100 teachers of Christian schools


Over 200 students attend our schools or learn within home education system